Sergei Sokolov


© Erika de Martino

Sergei Sokolov is pop/jazz music educator, composer, pianist and producer. He was born in 1971 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. After successful concerts in Helsinki, Finland, he was appointed by the Finnish National Opera Theater as a ballet pianist in 1992. Serge Sokolov has become acquainted with Finnish jazz and soul music, contributing to Aki Sirkesalo`s album Mielenrauha (Peace of mind) and playing with Manuel Dunkel, Tomi Salesvuo, Teppo Makynen, Eerik Siikasaari, Marko Timonen, Antti Sarpila and others.


Since 2006 Sergei Sokolov is actively engaged in organising events. As a producer and manager he participates in projects of cooperation between Finnish and Russian musicians. The main project of Sergei Sokolov as a producer is the annual festival of Rajaton Jazz (in Finnish, in English – The Boundless Jazz Festival) which takes place in Helsinki in February. Since autumn 2013 Sergei produces a music program in Art Jazz Club (Helsinki, Paloheinä area). Sergei Sokolov teaches piano, composes music, both instrumental and vocal – for jazz and pop singers, as well as writing music and arrangements for choir.